Price Watch
This functionality helps you to monitor and compare prices of all your competition. The prices will be updated depending on the pricing strategy you've set. 

Upgrade plan with Price Watch:

Stap 1

Step 2
Click  on Campaigns > Pricing Strategy

Step 3
If you don't have a Price Watch add on yet, Sellable will ask you for an upgrade.

Step 4
Click Recpricer Module and upgrade subscription

New competition can be communicated via email: [email protected]

Pricing strategy

The following fields are required:

Pricing choice:
Competition choice:
Price amount:
Cost amount:
Cost by:

Set up Price Watch
Step 1
To be able to start using Price Watch it's required to have some data from competitors.
Om Price Watch te kunnen gebruiken hebben we gegevens nodig van concurrenten. You enter this data via Main menu > Settings > Competitors.

Stap 2
Then click Add Competitor

Stap 3
A new window opens with the following fields:
Competitor Type: select Webshop Competitor or Amazon Competitor
Competitor Name: give a name to your competitor
Domain: fill in the domain name of your competitor

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask us by reaching out to your contact person or by emailing or calling us:

- email: [email protected]
- Telephone: +31 85 004 31 30


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